The key benefits in working with Crown Builders is the attention to detail in your house project and a builder that truly can bring a turnkey package that includes financing options, realtor relations, architect design, and the time to be sure the client truly understands the entire process of building their home.  Crown is not a mass builder and purposely caps itself on the number of homes being built at any given time.  The reasons are it allows the owner to be able to visit each site personally to review all aspects of the building process.  It also allows the homeowner to be able to talk directly with the builder and not a middleman or office person.  Another benefit of working with Crown is the transparency of the building process.  The owner will go over all the details of invoices and costs before and during the building process.  Flexibility and treatment of change orders are done fairly and communicated in a timely manner.  Lastly; a customer of Crown Builders is not lost or treated as a cog in a mass building machine.

Financing / Realtor Relations

The owner of Crown has had the opportunity to work with many banks throughout the Kansas City area on commercial and residential projects.  In addition, he has also sat on a Bank Board of Directors.  That experience has provided him many resources to assist any potential buyer in looking at various options of financing.  Options from Client financing to builder financing are available.  Pros and Cons can be discussed to determine which best suits the client’s needs.  Lastly, Crown can provide a short list of realtors if one is needed.  These people are individuals that the owner has personally known for many years and are extremely experienced.

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